A few white panels

  • January 17, 2014

About a month and a half ago a man jumped from a window in the apartment complex I live in
There was apparently a loud crash that I didn’t hear, was either at the gym or asleep don’t remember.
He landed on these windows above a cafe in the mall below
There was a temporary garbage bag/plastic covering over them for a few weeks but now there are these white panels instead.
It’s bizarre to look at, I see them everyday.
A human being reached some point where he saw no other option.
Who knows what was going through his mind, but when I see those panels everyday I see a monument of human emotional pain/suffering/isolation.
Maybe if he had someone to talk to, his life would have ended differently
Mental health awareness is so important.
We can’t help this guy now, but we can be there for the people in our lives, they might need someone to listen more than we can possibly imagine.
Be there for them.