Acceptance (A few more thoughts)

  • September 28, 2014

This could be titled acceptance part two.

The first post is here ->>>> http://smoothsailingmusic.com/acceptanceanddrugs/

There are sides of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like. Or certain behaviors that when we examine, we don’t want to admit that we are capable of them… it’s a one off, made a mistake.

One of the ways that lack of acceptance can create so many problems is by judging oneself for the ideas of bad or selfish choices popping up in one’s head to begin with.

“How could I think of that?”
“What kind of person am I?”

And interestingly enough these reactions are in fact an indication of conscience and a desire on some level to do the right thing… it’s just misguided.

When you judge yourself for what I would argue is an innate decision, you are creating unnecessary strife for yourself.

A small scale example is this… You are in a store and you are looking at a chocolate bar, thought pops into your head “Fuck paying, I’m jacking that chocolate bar”, the next deliberate thought could be “No, gonna pay for it.”

Where people screw up is judging oneself for that dialogue happening in the first place RATHER than the CHOICE that they made.

It might not seem significant but for people whose lives are wracked by unnecessary guilt shame it is powerful. A real world example that I lived would be shame/self-judgement for having a sex drive as a result of childhood catholic conditioning.

I would argue that anyone can stray from the path because there will always be decisions. There will always be a time to make a choice. Don’t judge yourself for the options that came into your mind, judge yourself on the behavioral choice that you made. For people that this was never an issue for, fantastic, but at the very least it might show you some mental things that you take for granted that when absent/damaged/suboptimal can actually cause people a lot of internal anguish.