Open letter to Weed.

  • October 7, 2014

Dear weed,

Our relationship has been tumultuous. When you are in my life it is difficult to want to do much else other than spend lots of time with you, and consume 3 times my daily recommended caloric intake in 40 minutes. I know some people who seem not only readily able to manage their relationship with you but actually become stimulated and can engage in their daily life. Sigh. If only we had such a dynamic. Between the 3 second memory span, and the halving of my IQ, it really is difficult to keep up with my personal affairs. Music and you are the ultimate combination. Truly when the three of us are together I really do not desire much else (blatant lie… pizza, chips, pudding, cookies dipped in pudding, anything deep fried, more weed, and more pizza to mention a few other companions). Your sister, Alcohol, and I have severed ties for the time being and it’s made me question my relationship with you. I think we need to break up. Its not you it’s m—- no its actually most definitely you. Sorry.



P.s. Shrooms if you are reading this don’t worry, our bi-annual reunions will take place as usual baby.