Stop outsourcing your self approval to religious powers

  • February 15, 2014

“I cant help but draw the parallels, you know, to religion. So religion you get tithed or whatever you have to pay 10% or whatever the fuck amount. So you’re paying for the church always. And then you look at the means they went to make sure everybody ascribed. Well, burning people at a stake when they didn’t believe, well that’s a pretty good way to ensure that you are going to get 10% of that persons money. And then making sure that they’re guilty, ALWAYS, 24 fucking 7, because you’ve made the urge to have sex, which is like the urge to eat, or to take a dump, its not gonna go away, you’ve made THAT a sin. And the only way to absolve it is to get the priest, well ya, you’re gonna make a fucking lot of money doing that.” – Aubrey Marcus

This quote nailed it for me. I LIVED that. I went to a serious all boys private opus dei catholic elementary school. Eventually, at 11, masturbated for the first time, and obviously it was awesome. Then the following year in grade 7 religion class, fucking religion teacher tells us that masturbation outside of marriage is a sin. Then begins catholic guilt and the root of esteem issues that plagued me throughout my teens and until my early 20s. There were other issues throughout my teens like substance abuse and escapism, but the catholic guilt robbed me of my self-esteem which had never been a problem until then. THEY talk about sin, and I’m a first hand example of the damage that THEY do. But hey, now I make rock music. So I guess it didn’t end so terribly.

Stop outsourcing your approval to the people that created the conditions for your lack of self-approval in the first place. The humanist principles sometimes present in religion can have positive benefits, i.e. community, united pursuit in a higher purpose and betterment of self etc… but DOGMA enslaves your mind.