Reflection – Fork in the Road

  • August 20, 2014

I have had to make some decisions in the past few weeks.
I’ll be turning 26 in a month… there is a fork in the road for me right now.
I could go with what I perceive to be the safe route, which is get a full time sales job (I happen to enjoy sales and am good at it, and would stand to make a lot of money) and focus solely on the mastery of the sales process… or continue down my path and divide my energies between sales and music, with sales being my means of financing my musical pursuits.

Things are getting more real for me now. It’s moved past a dream and has been for a few years. But especially now, when I see the pros and the cons and risks involved longterm in pursuing a career in which there is a lot of uncertainty, especially in the digital age, it is a milestone for me.

I can’t look back on my life and say “what if you had kept going with Smooth Sailing? what could have been?”

Following this path for the past 3-4 years has already lead to some amazing experiences, like living in Austria for 5-6 months… TWICE, and has lead to meeting some amazing people. It has been the underlying motivation in my mind and it is interesting to see the kinds of events that the universe is bringing to me.

I can’t stop.