Social media thoughts

  • March 20, 2014

This raises some very very interesting points. I think all of us have at some point fallen into the narcissistic image crafting that the facebook platform enables. We aren’t generally exposing our flaws and inadequacies aside from our own needs for attention/validation a lot of the time. Even with its potential for abuse and dependency, I personally love social media. I find being able to share interesting posts from the massive massive data store that the internet is, and reading content posts from other people, to be massively enriching and enjoyable. I think that when humility is applied there can actually be GENUINE human connection over this form of media. We have to drop the facades, although this is easier said then done.

Makes me think about the flip side to the fact that everything that we put online is out there permanently… sure there will be dirt. I can think of things I said or did, like terrible terrible out of key vocals on early smooth sailing tracks, or raging out on someone I didn’t agree with… but I think the admitting of fact that every human being has dirt, i.e. that none of us are perfect ever will actually enable a much more humble reality accepting perspective on people.

But even with the positive potential, it should never be a replacement for actual real world human relationships.