Taking down and re-recording Crashing Logic Album

  • January 15, 2014

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I’ve decided I’m going to take down and the retrack all the vox for the Crashing Logic album release. The vox and a few other things that need to be touched up… honestly just too many things pop out at me now when I listen to the album. And honestly it’s not like its sold a million copies or anything, so I can just casually re-release it.

But I’m totally grateful for the experience of recording and releasing a first album, and I learned a fuckload from it
There have been a few indications for me that I haven’t been happy with it as it is, been shy about showing it to people, and at the root is because I’m not confident in the album.
I’ve always known that my voice has been my weakest link.

I’m super confident in my voice now and been putting in work nearly every day.
I’ve just had too many vocal and vocal related mental breakthroughs in the past year that I KNOW I can kill it.
The album re-release will coincide with the music video release in the next month or so for the single off of the second album “Garbage In, Garbage Out” which will be released later on this year.
This first part of the journey has been very interesting and I’m very grateful for all the support, honest feedback, and encouragement.

Smooth Sailing
Stephen McNally