The “Human Soup” and its varied response to drugs.

  • October 13, 2014

I think I need to do this follow up post to my recent break-up letter to weed. (http://smoothsailingmusic.com/open-letter-to-weed/) Obviously it was in the spirit of humor that I wrote it but there is one line in there that I wrote for humour value that if taken literally actually fundamentally opposes my philosophy on responsible drug use. I think referencing the line is a good launching point for the following rant.

“Its not you it’s m—- no its actually most definitely you.”

Again, totally there for the humor value, which I don’t take back, but the underlying attitude of placing the blame solely on substances, especially on one with such varied human response and experience is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge problem in the society perception of drugs at large. Its something I have a big issue with that I both felt the need to clarify as to my own internal view of where I am putting the responsibility as well as an opportunity to convey this viewpoint to others (whoever is reading this in the wide digital world we have).

There are so many factors with regards to how a substance affects a human being that it is not only invalid to place the blame on the substance itself but widely used as ammunition by fear-mongerers and supporters of the war on drugs and prohibition in general.


Human beings are chemical soups in a bag of skin. And like actual soup… you aren’t going to ever have two that are absolutely identical in every single way. (sure, the Campbells soup factory or whatever the fuck might have all its ingredients electronically measured down to the microgram… but for the purposes of this imagery, in the absence of machine grown identical genetic human clones, lets say that we are talking about you or I just casually making a soup from scratch)

There is going to be variance manifesting in many different ways ranging from very large differences like being born without limbs to very small micro differences, like the way a certain enzyme in a cell works not so well, or maybe too well, or maybe that enzyme is totally absent in a certain person! And that’s just the pure biological component, which certainly will have an impact on mental life, and is definitely arguably a factor in all mental illnesses, treatable or otherwise.

Certain soup ingredients will clash. Certain things you will combine and the end result tastes like shit. The proportions were off or they should not have been in the same dish AT ALL. While it isn’t soup… what immediately comes to mind is a pineapple and alfredo sauce that a friend’s dad made (whose pallet has obviously been affected and desensitized from years of pipe smoking)… some things should just not go together!

Bringing it to alcohol for a second because I think it is a more easily digestible comparison for the prohibitionist skeptics out there… we acknowledge that society has alcoholics. Not all people that drink become alcoholics. We already know of certain genetic markers that indicate an increased risk of alcoholism.

So why would we think that weed specifically would be any different? I will readily admit that I have difficulties in my own life when I get too involved in weed however… they are largely if not entirely rooted in my impaired ability to manage my OCD tendencies. When I am consistently sober, I am on top of my mental game and OCD is nearly a non-existent issue for me. I’ve learned the cognitive skills and behaviors that I need to do, as well as the ones I need to stay away from, in order to nearly eliminate the hold that OCD has on my life. Try as I might, even deliberately, I have not been able to manage or maintain the presence of mind that I need to manage my “condition” or “tendency” while under chronic influence of weed. There is a clash of ingredients in my soup. I’m not saying I will ever get high again, that would be a lie, I just know what I am getting into and what to expect with regards to the consequences and have to weigh it out accordingly.

There are avenues for responsible substance use and while I personally have noticed an adverse impact of weed on my neurochemical soup, I know people who weed does not have this kind of, if any negative mental impact at all. Certain people the impact is stimulatory and motivating. One person who I know personally and comes to mind was readily able to get high as FUCK and then go talk to an entire sales organization about sales greatness and peak performance… and then same day go out and KILL it numbers wise. I am definitely not that person under the influence of weed.

Should weed be legalized and regulated. Absolutely. Should people be educated on its realistic potential impact that isn’t based on fear and bullshit but on actual legitimate scientific statistical and biological data… 150000873697639%!!!!!