• August 30, 2014

I just watched waking life again.

I first watched it in 2009-2010 I think. That movie is amazing for jostling one out of the “zombie autopilot” that can just turn on once life gets busier.

I found it a lot easier to be reflective and inquiring in terms of the nature of this existence when I was in university but with the reality of the OSAP loan knocking on the door, it has been harder to keep a perspective.

With my own subjective experience of debt, I honestly think that there is nothing in the modern world that enslaves us more than debt. Perhaps there is something suboptimal about my perspective of it that needs tweaking but I have experienced a tendency to be more narrowminded than I used to be. Get money, pay bills. I believe with so much of life it is about finding the balance. In university I think I was on one end of the extreme, denial. Living a shortsighted, largely instant gratification based, although very reflective period of time. At times in the past couple of years I have slipped into the other extreme of workaholism and zero to no reflection… just grinding day in and day out, while also being so wasteful with my increased resources that things still netted out to zero.

The balance I am currently grappling with is managing the responsibilities of survival in the world as an independent adult while also finding the time to be creative and unplugged from the grind/routine.

I try watching waking life at least once a year. In terms of movies, it is the number #1 in my books for questioning this reality and the human condition. I mean what is the point of this grind if we don’t have time to be outside of it or just don’t unplug. I really think the ability to unplug is a necessity in the modern hyperconnected world and a skill that the world (at least the “developed” first world) has a huge deficit in.

I did hot yoga 3 times in summer 2013 and I felt high and centered after that. I had an isolation tank experience this summer and felt a similar state. Perhaps pointed meditation in one of its many forms is the answer to this problem. Deliberately putting on the brakes.

Can you relate? Similar experiences/thoughts? Got a method of unplugging that you find really effective? Leave a comment, I always reply.